Please use the form below to register for Demo Account offered by Vivekam. Customised personal advice will be provided only after completion of risk profile and registering yourself as a client of Vivekam. Demo Account is valid for a period of 7 days. Following services are offered for the members registered for Demo Account.
Features Usage Limit
Snapshot 7 stocks
Sparks 0 times
SEA 7 stocks
Spots Current 7 times
Spots 7 times
Portfolio Scanner 7 times
PIE 7 times
PRICE 7 time
PEAS 7 times
SPOT Funds 0 times

Demo Account

  Note : Validation link will be sent to the registered emailid.
* All the services can be accessed only once a day for 7 days. For example PIE can be used by a Demo Account 7 times in 7 days but can be used only once in a day.